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Dental X-Rays

Dr. Thi Pham depends on digital dental X-rays to help find oral health problems that she would not be able to see with a visual inspection alone. Problems such as cavities between teeth and impacted wisdom teeth are just two examples of dental issues that require a digital X-ray to diagnose. At Smile Solutions Orlando, we use digital X-ray equipment with very low radiation levels. The amount is so insignificant that it cannot cause any harm. Unlike previous generations of dental X-rays that required developing film and waiting for results, today’s technology makes it possible for dentists to view results immediately.

Additional Oral Health Problems We May Find with an X-ray

If not for diagnostic X-ray equipment, Dr. Pham would not know about serious tooth decay before it threatened the stability of your tooth and possibly caused an infection. With the results of digital dental X-rays immediately available, Dr. Pham can fill a cavity or take another action to preserve your oral health. In addition to cavities appearing between teeth and impacted wisdom teeth, dental X-rays can help Dr. Pham diagnose the following:

  • Alignment issues
  • Additional teeth other than wisdom teeth that have no space to erupt
  • Oral cancer
  • Injury and illness monitoring
  • Diseases of the jaw bone and facial muscles
  • Infected or abscessed teeth

Dr. Pham is happy to share your X-ray results with you as soon as she sees them herself. You can expect us to complete a digital dental X-ray approximately once every 12 months for adults. Children and teenagers typically need them more often because their teeth, gums, and jaws are developing at a rapid rate.

Which Type of Dental X-ray is Right for You?

Bitewing X-rays are by far the most common. They consist of a cardboard separator that Dr. Pham or one of her assistants places in your mouth to focus on one specific area at a time. This type of X-ray is especially useful for spotting tooth decay. With a panoramic radiograph, Dr. Pham can see every part of your mouth in a single image.

The panoramic radiograph X-ray provides images of your upper and lower teeth along with your jaw to help your dentist get a complete picture of your oral health. We may use this type of X-ray with children to predict future tooth eruption patterns. A periapical X-ray shows Dr. Pham your entire tooth, which includes all of its roots. She may use this type of X-ray to analyze bone strength and whether the roots of your teeth are still healthy.

Another thing to know about digital dental X-rays is that Dr. Pham may place the film either inside or outside of your mouth. She will let you know which type of X-ray and where she will place the film before going ahead with the procedure. Please don’t hesitate to ask any member of our staff if you have additional questions.